Фестиваль «TANGO DEL SUR» в г. Одессе!
28 июня — 1 июля

Tango Festival “Del Sur” in Odessa

28th June – 01 July 2018

«Tango Del Sur» has been living and wandering throughout Ukraine for already seven years!

And again, We have a new place. From one part of Odessa, Peresyp sand-bank, We are removing to the other one, Chernomorka!!! We are transfering southward, where Sun is more shining and the Black Sea is warmer – to the most South outskirt of Odessa. The name of resort is “OK Lustdorf”, which was earlier known as “Creative House”Chernomorka”.

There were such famous actors as Nikolay Jakovchenko, Natalya Uzhviy, Nikolay Kruichkov, Ada Rogovtseva, Valeriy Zolotouchin, Innokentiy Smoktunovskiy, Vladimir Visotskiy and many other well known actors and artists. And today, fulfilled with aura of intelligence, art and spirit, this Odessa resort opens its doors for the fans of serene, inspiring and reasonable rest by the sea, where every one can find his or her own resource. This resort is filled of energy of the famous creative people and that is why We believe that our tango will not be only suitable, but expanding!!!

4 days of festival, filled of unforgettable experience, will be waiting for you:

1. Inimitable night milongas and warm and free of charge daily milongas.

2. Shows of well-known dancers of Argentinian Tango.

3. Classes from new and already known teachers of tango.

4. Meetings with old and new friends.

According to last year’s review and your requests, we decided to invite a cute and exciting couple from Turkey:Züleyha Özkan and Ali Kemal Özkan. They fascinated all of us with their softness, warm and magnificent tango last year!

And an Ukranian tango couple, teachers of the biggest tango school in Ukraine Andrei Skrypnik&Svetlana Tarasova, who were awarded on milongas in Buenos-Aires.