Фестиваль «TANGO DEL SUR» в г. Одессе!
28 июня — 1 июля

Elena Rojeva & Massimo Pianelli

Special guests of the festival, which became friendly for us, the school from Italy “Baile De Oro” and their leaders. Elena Rojeva & Massimo Pianelli are very pleasant, sensual couple, people who love each other and all around them. They are the founders of the well-known in Italy Roman school of Argentinian tango “Baile De Oro”.

They have danced as a couple since 2004. They hold tango workshops, give masterclasses on regular base and perform their shows on milongas in Italy, Greece, Russia, Slovenia, Argentina, Ukraine as well as on the stage (Spettacolo “Tango Evasion”, Teatro San Luca – Roma, Programma “DanzArte” RAI Futura, Spettacolo “Tangos y Milongas” Auditorium – Frascati, and so on). You can enjoy the style of these dancers with its elegancy, creativeness and special musical expression. They say that these dancers “play music by their feet”!

Using classical canons of tango, secrets of the old “milongueros” and modern techniques of this dance Elena and Massimo created their own style and training method, at the same time enchasing in that precious gift which they inherited from their “maesro” and friend Osvaldo Zotto – his unique methodology. Their lessons always mean professionally organized well thought-out program based on biomechanics of movements and fundamental concepts of tango. This couple has an amazing ability to use in their combinations ordinary well-known elements in such a way these elements become irrecognizable and as it were at first sight, new. Thus, Elena and Massimo give them “a second life”. This couple is able to create working and simultaneously cheerful atmosphere, which has an influence for good on the proper conceptual lean.

Elena and Massimo share their experience with the great devotion of people who are fallen in love with their profession. They assert with a smile about themselves: “Not we chose tango, but tango chose us”!