Фестиваль «TANGO DEL SUR» в г. Одессе!
28 июня — 1 июля

Svetlana Tarasova and Andrei Skrypnyk

They dance tango since 2005 and established their own tango school «Tango Militar» (popularly known as “The Garrison”) in 2007. Now, this school has over two hundred tango students.

Sebastian Arce and Mariana Montes are considered as their teachers.

Four times Andrei and Svetlana went to study in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They received individual and group trainings from

  • Virginia Gomez & Christian Marquez
  • Carolina Bonaventura & Francisco Forquera
  • Valeria Eguia & Roberto Canelo
  • Fabian Peralta
  • Sebastian Arce & Mariana Montes
  • Esteban Moreno & Claudia Codega
  • Oliver Kolker & Silvina Valz
  • Lusia and Gerry
  • Sabrina and Ruben Veliz
  • Horacio Godoy

They took lessons in musicality from Olga Besio and Jorge Dispar.

Andrei completed training from Argentinian DJ Mario Orlando, who is well-known on Buenos Aires milongas, such as milonga «Niño Bien». Also he was trained by DJ Аtilio Veron from «Los Totis» milonga.

Svetlana has been trained in ladies techniques by Graciela Gonzalez, Mariana Montes, Alejandra Mantinan, Sabrina Veliz, Virginia Gomez, Silvina Valz.

Man’s techniques Andrei has learnt from Alejandro Testi, Francisco Forquera, Christian Marquez, Fabian Peralta and Roberto Canelo.

Today Svetlana and Andrei valuate Virginia Gomez and Christian Marquez as their the best teachers, because they learn a style which Virginia and Christian dance – the style of Villa Urquiza.

For several years in a row Andrei and Svetlana have been performing their shows on such festivals as “Velvet Tango”, “Industrial Tango Exchange 2012″, “Tango Weekend 2014″ and also on musical performances of the “Rhapsody Orchestra” (Dnepropetrovsk).

In 2010 they became prizewinners of the jubilee 15 International Spartacus Cup of Argentinian Tango in Moscow, having come second in “Milonga” category. In 2012 they came in a close third in Open International Tournament Of Argentinian Tango “Cup of Empire” in “Tango Waltz” category.

To the question, -”What is a specialty of your teaching?” Svetlana and Andrei responded in this way, – “Everything that we teach in our classes is comfortable to dance on the milongas with the different numbers of dancing couples without disturbing others, and brings a great pleasure to your dance partner”.