Фестиваль «TANGO DEL SUR» в г. Одессе!
28 июня — 1 июля

Yanina Bassi & Lucas Ameijeiras

Their dancing partnership began in 2004 and since that time has evolved into a partnership that knows, understands, and ably demonstrates the true spirit of Tango.

Throughout the development of their Tango partnership they have been influenced by their links to the great maestros of Tango including Natalia Games & Gabriel Angio, Mariana Montes & Sebastiasn Arce, Raul Bravo, Juan Carlos Copes, Toto Faraldo, Pajarito & Kela, Esther & Mingo Pugliese, Rosa & Carlos Perez.

They have participated in major shows and shared stage with renowned artists such as Hugo del Carril (son), Alberto Podestá, Virginia Luque, Abel Córdoba, Argentino Ledesma (son). They formed part of the prestigious ‘Tango Corporation’ company, that is noted for its diversity, complexity and precision of movement in Tango Salon and stage Tango. They have participated in International Tango Festivals such as the Todi Tango Festival, the Liguria Tango Festival and the Chianti Tango Festival. When in Buenos Aires they teach Tango in many of the Milongas of Buenos Aires including, Salón Canning, La Milonguita, El Tacuarí, La Catedral, Yira Yira, La Nacional and Almagro Tango’ In Europe they have been teachers in the following academies:- El Fueye Tango Club (Genoa, Italy), Alice Tango (Rome), Principessa (Milano, Italy), Sofia Tango (Sofia, Bulgaria) and Trottoirs de Buenos Sierre (Sierre, Switzerland).

They are currently artistic directors of the Tango school Tango Florido in Firenze-Italy and part of the permanent teaching staff at the Barrio Tango in Rome.

With their fresh interpretation, their talent and enthusiasm, this virtuoso couple share and pass on their passion for Tango.